Vocation – The MC in the chart




Vocation – The MC in the chart

Duration: 1 hour

What most astrologers do when dealing with ‘vocation’ is looking at the Midheaven, called Medium Coeli, MC in short. It is the highest point in a chart and stands for various important issues:

  • Aims and goals in life
  • Career
  • Calling
  • Social roles
  • the mother (in some astrological schools) 

But from here the detective work only begins, because apart from the sign of the MC, its ruler and where it can be found in the chart by way of house, sign and aspect, gives key details. 
Also very important are the other two other earth houses. 

  • 2nd house: The area in the chart which can give clues about talents and values, but also self-worth
  • 6th house: The area in the chart which rules work, serving, health and diet issues

Obviously what natives actually do for a living or what they feel ‘destined’ to do, what comes to them easily or what makes them happy, only rarely go together. Therefore it is important to look in the chart for clues about which facets play into vocational choices and opportunities. 

With the biographical vocation case studies of

  • Allen Turing (1912 – 1954), mathematician, computer scientist and cryptanalyst, widely considered to be the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence. He cracked the German Enigma U boat Code in WW II.  
  • Marquis De Sade (1740 – 1814), French nobleman, revolutionary politician, philosopher and writer famous for his literary depictions of a libertine sexuality. 
  • Victoire, mother of Queen Victoria (1786 -1961), a widowed German princess who had to bring up her daughter who was heiress to the British throne with little money and few friends in a foreign country.  
  • Simon Wiesenthal (1908 – 2005), Jewish Austrian Holocaust survivor and Nazi hunter