When can an astrology reading be helpful?

An astrological reading is helpful in times of:

  • turning points in your life;
  • facing crucial decisions and being challenged by difficult choices;
  • seeking deeper insights about your present situation;
  • feeling overwhelmed about life directions;
  • being curious about knowing more about yourself;
  • finding yourself faced with relationship challenges;
  • wanting to know what astrology can offer you.

In times like these a chart reading can be helpful in giving you a clearer look at your situation. It makes you more aware of who you are and what your own life challenges are. People are complex beings, multifaceted and contradictory at times. An astrology reading can make you see what is important and what purposes and choices there are for you. It is all about getting to know your very own ‘you-ness’.

As I am based in Germany, my consultations are done via Zoom. I will have studied the charts before we meet, keeping in mind any focus or questions that you may have specified.


60 minutes: Euro 120,-
90 minutes: Euro 150,-