Singletons in the chart




Singletons in the chart:
Dealing with your inner black sheep

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

We often take those elements of which we have plenty for granted, even can get bored with them. Welcome to yawn city. If, on the other hand, an element is completely missing, we can become quite worried. What to do? Missing elements are often delegated into the shadow, prone to all sorts of defense mechanisms, mostly projection. And can we presume that one planet in an element is better than none at all? Well…no, not quite! Richard Idemon called these planets  ‘singletons’ and attached a great deal of significance to them.

After all, they have to carry the whole weight of this element, which can never be an easy task. And so singletons are at odds when it comes to integrate themselves into the chorus of the chart, they are not team player. It rather wants to become the conductor of the whole chart and play first fiddle in our consciousness. A prima ballerina or a black sheep, the runt or the pig of the litter.

We often become obsessed with this singleton and this element, transfixed by everything they archetypically represent. The singleton can become a loose cannon and act as an energy sucking vampire, residing in its house like in a sinister castle, from where it wreaks havoc.

This sounds stressful, and quite rightly so. But what makes these tricksters so fascinating, is that they often represent the hidden gold in a chart. A magical sore-point, which can challenge the other elements to creative ways of expressing themselves. We will look at elements and all planets plus Chiron and Lilith to shed some light on how they can dominate a chart.

With biographical case studies of

  • Jane Goodall (Singleton Neptune in Earth in 9th house)
  • Alan Turing (Singleton Saturn in Earth in 12th house)
  • Christine Keeler (Singleton Sun in Water in 11th house) 
  • Anthony Armstrong-Jones (Singleton Uranus in Fire in 1st house) 
  • Ryan O’Neal (Singleton Chiron in Water in 1st house) 
  • Salvador Dalí (Singleton Neptune in Water in 12th house)